Chinese Medicine

Needles are only a part of Chinese medicine. Practitioners of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) use procedures such as moxabustion, cupping, and electrical stimulation to promote quicker healing.

MOXABUSTION: A procedure called moxabustion is often used in conjunction with the needle treatment. During moxabustion an herbal stick is used to heat the needles. This gives additional stimulation to the pressure points allowing the patient to heal faster. Most patients find this procedure very soothing.

CUPPING: Suction cups are often used for a procedure called, cupping, to promote better circulation to a particular area. When these round cups are placed on the skin, it will help bring new blood flow to the area in addition to freeing the meridian of any blocked energy. Sometimes patients will experience slight redness or bruising from this procedure. This is normal and will clear up within 3 to 5 days. Primarily used for pain conditions, patients will usually see a significant improvement with this procedure.

ELECTRICAL STIMULATION: Tens units are often hooked up to some of the needles on key pressure points for additional stimulation. The electrical stimulation units are much like the ones used by physical therapists. In addition to stimulating the pressure points, the units help the body to produce more endorphins, a natural chemical which fights pain and promotes better health.

HERBAL BEADS: For certain conditions, the practitioner may tape herbal beads on pressure points in the ears. This allows patients to stimulate the pressure points between sessions by applying pressure to the beads. The herbal beads are most commonly used to assist patients in weight loss and overcoming addictions.

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